Worried and Distracted

matterofprayer blog post for Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Very early in my experience reading the Bible (in Sunday school, I suspect), I vividly remember being introduced to the sisters Mary and Martha, in the Gospel accounts. I believe I first was attracted by their poignant emotions and the down-to-earth descriptions by the Gospel writer.

So, periodically, I reacquaint myself with these two ladies. Several weeks ago, the Scripture passage that accompanied my prayer time was from Luke 10. I was drawn to the verse where our Lord Jesus said to Martha, “you are worried and distracted by many things.” God, that’s me! I can be worried and distracted by all kinds of things: important, trivial, you name it. I bet I’ve been distracted by it, at one time or another. My Myers-Briggs type is ENFP, and a prayer for this type goes this way: ‘God, help me keep my mind on—look! A bird! –one thing at a time.’

The worst thing is realizing that I’m worried and/or distracted when I specifically have set aside time for prayer, time with You. You need to take top priority. Even when the distractions are genuine and worthwhile (or so I think), help me understand that they pale in comparison to spending focused, uninterrupted quality time with You.

Let’s pray. Dear God, I know You want a relationship with me, more than anything. Forgive me, God, for my concern and worry about all kinds of things. This worry and concern gets in the way of prayer, so often! Thank You for Your repeated forgiveness towards me, and help me continue to strive to sit with You in prayer, regularly. (or stand, or walk, or drive with You) Thanks for being there, whenever I need You. Amen.

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