A Time for Everything? Including Prayer.

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – January 6, 2015

all things made beautiful Eccl 3-11

A Time for Everything? Including Prayer.


Out of time, wasting time, on a time schedule. We can talk about taking or making more time with a time machine, a time turner, even traveling in a Delorean or a TARDIS.

Ecclesiasties 3 calls all these kinds of times beautiful—“in Your time.”

People make time and schedule time for other, important things: like a class at school, or a doctor’s appointment, work meeting, or exercise group. Movie date, social club, or dinner engagement. Things that are important to them.

I make time for friendships, for my family, for my marriage. If my relationship with God is as important as I say/think/tell myself it is, why not make time for God?

I need to commit time to God. Make time for prayer.

If I am truthful to myself, all the time I have is really God’s time. I am living on—not borrowed, but—freely given time. Time is a gift given to me. What I do with it, how I spend it, even how I waste it is all my doing. Oh, and the people I am responsible to.

One more thing: concerning those with whom I am in relationship? I not only can have meaningful times with my family and friends, but also with God.

God, I know I’m sometimes far from You. I often miss our times together. Sometimes I don’t think I have any time to pray. But You’re always there for me, even when my time is taken up with other things. You don’t leave me by myself. Thank you, God.


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