Celebrating Someone Special! Praying All the Way.

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – February 7, 2015

grateful for everything

Celebrating Someone Special! Praying All the Way.

What a wonderful thing, celebrating God’s gift to me—of someone special! I immediately thought of someone perfect for this prayer suggestion. And, there is going to be a big birthday bash for this big guy next Sunday at my church!

Yes, our church has a very special boy. He was a miracle baby, and he has grown into a miracle big boy. Levi was a tiny, tiny premature baby when he was born. Through and because of many people’s prayers, good thoughts, support and encouragement, Levi will be two years old next Sunday. And—we all will be having a wonderful birthday luncheon after the service.

I’ve already taken part in the preparations for the service before the luncheon. I’ll be doing the usual things, readings and prayers—except we will have a time of prayers and thanksgiving for Levi during the service! So, for sure I will be planning that.

Today’s prayer suggestion is such a joy. Imagine, planning a celebration of gratitude for God’s gifts to some particular person or persons you know.

Let’s pray for Levi and his parents.

Dear God, what a wonderful occasion. Thank You for Levi and his parents. We pray for this growing, loving child. We thank You that by pointing to Levi, we are also pointing to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank You for Your creative hand describing what happened in His life, death and ascension.  We pray Your blessing on Levi and his parents.

God, in Your mercy, hear all of us as we pray. And celebrate!


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