Day #5 – Supporting Fairtrade? With Money and with Prayer!

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, February 23, 2015

Indian nativity- source SERRV shops

Indian nativity- source SERRV shops

Day #5 – Supporting Fairtrade? With Money and with Prayer!

I am all for supporting Fairtrade. I often buy coffee, chocolate and tea, and the occasional pair of earrings, from a Fairtrade store in my local community. Except—I don’t live in the U.K. So, I won’t be able to participate directly in Fairtrade Fortnight as advertised.

I live in a suburb of Chicago, just to the north of the city. In a town called Evanston, on the shores of Lake Michigan. Even though I was born and bred in Chicago (on the northwest side, if anyone was wondering), I’ve lived in Evanston for more than twenty years.

Evanston is a unique town. Part university town—because of Northwestern University, part posh North Shore upscale suburb, part eclectic/artsy/bohemian enclave. Rich in diversity, the south part of Evanston has interesting, one-of-a-kind shops, like the shop that stocks entirely Fairtrade items. Ten Thousand Villages.

I couldn’t go into that shop today. I had a luncheon appointment further south in Chicago, and I didn’t get a chance to stop in and pick up some more coffee as I came back home, in the afternoon. However, I am letting everyone know about this wonderful shop! Fairtrade does, indeed, have the power to transform lives—of the artisans, their families, even their whole village or town. So useful, needed and empowering!

The thing about buying Fairtrade, it does cost more money. I know a number of people in my area on fixed incomes, and it’s difficult for them to actively purchase Fairtrade objects or food. However, we all can support and encourage shops that sell Fairtrade products. And, I can pray for the good people who made the items I bought over the past year.

Dear God, thank You for these beautiful, useful or even tasty items that I have been able to buy from Ten Thousand Villages in Evanston, as well as The Silk Road in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania. God, I pray for the creators of these products. I ask that You give them continued good health, good ideas, and God’s blessings on their friends and families. Thank You, God.

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