Day #10 – Fix It, Tack It, Nail It! Or, Not.

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, February 27, 2015

daisy growing through difficulties

Day #10 – Fix It, Tack It, Nail It! Or, Not.

Today’s suggestion? I loved it! It’s almost second nature for me to be helpful. Be of service. Be kind. As a matter of fact, I wrote a blog in 2014 called A Year of Being Kind: 365 Days of Service. (at This blog told about my adventures with kindness, service and being helpful, each day. I was successful in making blog entries every single day in 2014, including Feature Fridays, when I would feature someone else being kind.

But, enough about my blog. My other blog, that is.

As I said before, I loved this post from 40acts today. I really wanted to do something for someone else, but stuff happened. I became preoccupied for most of the afternoon, and my plans of the morning never got carried out. (I would appreciate some prayer. The situation is continuing, and God knows what it is. Thanks so much. You are awesome. Seriously.)

This got me to thinking as the evening was drawing to a close: what if I don’t have time to complete today’s suggestion? What if I can’t, or for some reason, unable to complete it?

Actually, I did do a kind act. I went to the jam-packed YMCA this morning. After exercising and before I left, I took a quick shower. I noticed one of the bathroom stalls did not have toilet paper. On my way out, I mentioned the need to one of the janitorial staff. (And believe me, it was a need, with such a crowd there this morning!)

The staff member was very grateful I had spoken up! And, I knew I was doing a kind deed. Not quite on the level of Bear Grylls, but still, I can tell you that many women go in and out of those locker room bathrooms! So many, in fact, the paper supplies must be supplied frequently. I’m glad I was there to make note of the need, and to suggest that the janitor changed things. Like the toilet paper. I was heartily glad I could help. Thank God!

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