Soul and Experience(s)

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Wednesday, June 10, 2015

God making a way

Soul and Experience(s)

I’ve worked as a chaplain here in Chicago for a number of years. Yes, I have striven to walk alongside many people in my time being a chaplain, sometimes more successful, sometimes less. These patients, their loved ones, and others have come from many faith traditions and various backgrounds.

I suppose that’s one large reason I have interest in a number of different ways of approaching God, the Higher Power, or the Source. Or, Great Spirit, or the Holy. Different ways of naming the ineffable, that transcendent experience.

It is a similar interest I bring to the chapter from Handbook for the Soul today. Brian Weiss brought up a number of interesting ideas, things that I am not particularly familiar with. Like regression back to previous lives. This is something unfamiliar. However, the feelings and emotions Dr. Weiss brought out were very much familiar. And, right in my area of expertise.

One statement Dr. Weiss says is one I can totally agree with: “We are souls having a human experience.” It doesn’t matter whether the experiences are good or bad, positive or negative. Each of us is a flesh and blood human with a soul. Each of us goes through all kinds of stuff, regardless of our faith traditions or belief structure.

Yes, Dr. Weiss brings up an interesting idea. I have my reservations, true. Yet, I believe some people are helped by what the doctor says and the actions he takes.

I hope and pray some people are similarly helped by what I say, and by the actions I take, too. Please, God, may it be so.


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2 responses to “Soul and Experience(s)

  1. Though I left prayer and the god-images behind some time ago, I appreciate your exploration of “naming the ineffable.” (I would call that Nature). I also like the fact that you recognize that, no matter what a person’s beliefs, we all go through “stuff.” As for a “soul,” well, I no longer go there. In my view, the help you offer as a Chaplain is most in being a listening presence than in what you say. All the best.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Chris. I really try to walk alongside of people going through difficult times. And, you are exactly right in saying that listening is so important.

    Sometimes when asked “What do you do?” I say, “I’m a professional listener.” I am only partially kidding. I do try to actively listen to individuals who come to me with all manner of problems. And sometimes, they are hurting so badly that they cannot say anything at all. It is then that I strive to sit with them. Be a companion through their difficult times. I hope I can help them shoulder their pain, for just a little while.

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