Touch Earth, Body and Spirit—in Soul

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, June 15, 2015

reflected tree and mountains - Photo credit David Beatson

Touch Earth, Body and Spirit—in Soul

Keeping the inner fire alive? That’s touching soul. Nourishing soul. Looking at soul with positive eyes and ideas.

Linda Andrews in the book Handbook for the Soul talks of several excellent places where each individual is encouraged to use these several concepts to nourish areas of their soul. And, these activities really ought to be activities they would definitely wish to become involved in.

I was thinking as I read: Andrews recommends that these activities help the person doing the thing feel alive. Assistance or help by anyone else? Appreciated, as long as we try to pull it off in a positive, nourishing manner.

Andrews focuses on several activities, particularly meditation. Yes, it’s true I can learn a great deal about meditation, mantras, and other tools for understanding and nurturing the soul However—book learning only goes so far. (At least it only goes so far for someone of my personality preferences.)

I can learn from a lecturer, or from books, but it also is helpful for me to learn by example. Learn by “color by number” or from being mentored. This is more than appropriate for this excellent learning. As with meditation, it needs to be done on a regular basis.

As Andrews says, “if you have the tenacity to get to that quiet place and embrace the stillness, you will be meeting with your soul.” [1] Figuring out how to use the keys to wholeness. Health. And positive things. Activities.

God, I’m going to be perfectly serious. I would like to meditate every day! I know it’s not the highest priority on my to-do list, but I wish to take the advantages of these marvelous opportunities. Let’s hope that I may be able to. God, I surely wish You could be with me, walk by my side. Oh, and provide nourishment for my soul, too!


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[1] Handbook for the Soul, Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield, editors. (Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1995. 97.

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