Walk through Soul’s Gateway

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gothic arched gate - credit Bell of Contentment

Walk through Soul’s Gateway

Some people consider difficulty we might have with life a problem, a “hole” in our souls. However, I particularly enjoy the expression that Angelos Arrien used: “gateway to the soul.” Moreover, “the need to be who we are always brings us back to soul.” [1]

If I look at the calendar, we are approaching the end of June. This chapter of Handbook for the Soul is near the end of the book. (Yes, we are coming close to the End.).

It seems as if Arrien was correct in relating the short story about the person knocking on the heavenly door. The person was admonished that he (or she) had not been as much themselves during their life and they could have been. Not as much “Elizabeth” or “Kevin” or “Dolores” or “Jack” as each person had the potential for being. (Appropriate for the home stretch, as well.)

More about a “hole” in our souls: not real. (At least according to Arrient.) Instead, our orientation ought to be that of a gateway. Each of us has the potential to go through the soul gate . . . instead of looking “for something to plug the hole, rather than going through the gate to reconnect with their souls,” [2]

Oh, and personality is important for finding a way to open up. I mean, finding like-minded people of the offense. God willing, we each can find God. No matter what kind of personality, or activity type, God continues to draw us into the place where “we” are. Today.


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[1] Handbook for the Soul, Richard Carlson and Benjamin Shield, editors. (Boston: Little, Brown & Co., 1995.), 175.

[2] Ibid, 176.

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