Breaking Bread Together? Priceless.

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Thursday, July 16, 2015

LOVE our God is love

Breaking Bread Together? Priceless.

Breaking bread together means so much. Meals shared in common were a sign of friendship, acceptance, fellowship. Still are!

I was so moved by this modern verse (taken from Luke 5): “You joined in the banquet given by Levi,/accepting all who were present.” [1] Similarly, Jesus willingly invited Himself to Zaccheus’ house for dinner—see Luke 19.

From what I see in the Gospels, this was Jesus’ standard operating procedure. The religious leaders of His day criticized Him for regularly eating with sinners, and hanging out with tax collectors. (Wait—that’s just what Levi and Zaccheus did for a living!)

“Eid Mubarak!” Going one step further, I wish all who are celebrating a peaceful and blessed Eid. Celebrating through eating together, breaking bread, and feasting.

I know some may suggest that “Jesus didn’t mean to welcome those people!” Like sinners, or tax collectors, or prostitutes. Or Pharisees, or . . .

You see what I mean? Jesus accepted ALL who were present. God bless all those who wish they were eating at God’s table. Like me.

Dear Lord, thank You for being so welcoming and accepting of anyone. Period.


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[1] Praying the New Testament as Psalms, Desmond O’Donnell, OMI, and Maureen Mohen, RSM, (United States of America: ACTA Publications, 2002.), 134.

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