Do People Pray to You?

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, August 7, 2015

Buckingham Fountain in the evening photo credit Ailurophile

Buckingham Fountain in the evening
photo credit Ailurophile

Do People Pray to You?

A lovely evening and a wonderful time was had by all.

Yes, I was invited to an evening of jazz, downtown. Swinging jazz combo. Absolutely gorgeous evening. Great food, wonderful conversation. I enjoyed myself greatly.

Except—when I got home and settled down to read the Evening Prayer from, I looked back on the evening. I found myself reflecting; do the people I spent the evening with ever pray to You? Do they ever pray, at all?

As I was at dinner, I had the opportunity to speak of serving at a large hospital located not two miles away from where we were sitting. I did a six-month chaplain internship there, a few years ago. As I spoke about it, briefly, I was met with blank stares. Conversation passed from sickness and hospitalization to other matters. Lively exchanges, indeed! The evening passed quickly, and I was sorry it seemed to be over so soon.

And, yet. And, yet.

Lord, as I read the Evening Prayer I focused on the lines “Lord, hear our prayer; and let our cry come to you.“ Dear Lord, thank You for listening to me when I call on You. Thank You for a thoroughly lovely evening, in every way. Gracious God, thank You for the opportunity for me to mention that I had worked as a chaplain in Chicago, and served as a chaplain intern at a hospital several of the people were familiar with.

But, Lord, a question nagging at my mind? Do the people I met tonight pray? I hope so. I pray so. Lord God, I want to be a friendly, open example to someone I met tonight. You are a loving, caring, welcoming God. May I do my part to be loving, caring and welcoming, too.


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