Praying, Centering with Holy Spirit

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, September 15, 2015

HOLY SPIRIT I will ask the Father John 14

Praying, Centering with Holy Spirit

Today’s Name of God is similar to yesterday’s Name of God. Except—different. Different because this is one Person of the Trinity. One Name, one Part of the Trinity. (I want to speak properly about the Trinity! (Yes, Steve, I’m thinking of you and our Systematic Theology class in seminary. You drummed that into all of our heads, and for that I am grateful.)

My word of the day for Centering Prayer? My word—Name of God for today is Holy Spirit. This Name of God comes from John 14. Jesus is talking to His disciples in the Upper Room and tells them the Father will send the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name.

I’ve already centered and reflected on “Advocate,” earlier this month. But, “Holy Spirit?” Because of the Name’s common usage, I tend to think that this Name of God is either well-worn, and therefore not considered to be an elevated or exalted Name; or, this Name of God is highlighted. It stands out, in some ways, and is especially noted as a Holy, set apart Name.

In Hebrew, “Holy Spirit” is ruach ha kodesh. This is one of my absolute favorite Hebrew phrases (or, Names). Yes, the primary meaning of ruach is “spirit,” or, Spirit, depending on the usage. (It is a feminine noun. How about that?) Plus, in some instances, ruach means “wind.” And, kodesh means “holy.”

I loved studying Hebrew. It was one of the most difficult classes I ever took, but I loved it. This added understanding gave me a whole different appreciation for the term or Name “Holy Spirit.”

Although I did not receive any earthshaking communication from God when I centered today, I was able to revisit the concept of Holy Spirit/ruach ha kodesh. I am grateful. And, it’s good to remember.

Dear Holy Spirit, help me to think about You as my Comforter and Advocate. But more than that, help me to think of You as the warm, loving Breeze wafting through my heart. Help me welcome You as the bracing Wind shaking me out of my complacency. Thank You for teaching me all about God, as I understand God. Thank You!


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