PEACE: God’s Presence in My Heart

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Thursday, March 3, 2016


PEACE: God’s Presence in My Heart

Earlier this week, I visited the senior group at St. Martha’s Catholic Church in Morton Grove to speak to them about PEACE. Isn’t the country more and more divided now? Divided in terms of race, politics, sexual preference. And, then some!

I gave a small presentation about the lack of PEACE and what we can do about it. Several ideas about how to lessen the animosity between people and between groups of people.

I also gave them some background on my Pursuing PEACE Project, and asked if any of the seniors would be willing to give me their personal definition of PEACE. Several of them were eager to give me their points of view.

Today’s definition comes from a sweet woman circulating around the room. I went up to her and asked my question: “What is your personal definition of PEACE?” Carol DiSimone reflected for several moments, and then said, “Peace is God’s presence in my heart.”

I asked her for a little more explanation. She responded: “I thank God when I pray. I thank God every night that I have God in my heart. I am very grateful.” That was the most important thing in her heart. Yes, there was some additional stuff going on in her life. However, stripping all that other stuff away, putting it in its place—as Carol had—the presence of God is what is important to her.

These seniors have a good deal of wisdom and insight. Would that we all have such a straight-forward view on life, and God in our lives. God, may it be so!


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