PEACE is Knowing God

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, March 11, 2016


PEACE is Knowing God

Another definition from the North Shore Assembly of God in Skokie. (While there, I discussed the division and animosity becoming so widespread in the public discourse.) I had the joy of hearing from a dear woman. She glowed with a gentle inner peace. I had the opportunity to ask her about her personal definition of PEACE. She gave me that, plus a whole lot more.

Nalini started off telling me that she was not sure what her definition of peace would be. After a little gentle encouragement and a few prompts, she came up with a wonderful definition, followed by an explanation and testimony. Nalini Marati’s personal definition: “PEACE is knowing God. [I can’t explain (in words) the love of God in me.]”

Nalini is a faithful woman of prayer. Deep prayer. Concerted prayer. She was so humble; these things she related to me could come across as boasting or being puffed up. Not Nalini. She told me in her quiet, gentle way, “I have a devotion time every morning. When I pray to God, I have such peace in my heart.”

On top of that, each Friday is a special time of prayer for Nalini. “On Fridays, I set apart time for my Lord, and to meditate on His Word. I talk to Him just like I’m talking to you.” She fasts on Fridays. She drinks only water in the morning and into the afternoon. She gets done with prayer and meditation about mid-afternoon, when she drinks some fruit juice.

Nalini seems to become energized with a quiet, inner energy when she is talking about her prayer time. Her private, personal time with God. The time when she truly feels the peace of God.

I was floored to talk with such a kind, gentle, loving woman of God. Dear Lord, gracious God, thank You for providing Nalini and her example to me. Thank You for giving us the wisdom and understanding to worship You. To love You. To find the peace that passes human understanding. Thank You, God.


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