PEACE: Cruelty-Free and Respect

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, March 27, 2016


PEACE: Cruelty-Free and Respect

Continuing on my Pursuing PEACE Project. I think back to last Tuesday, and I include another  personal definition of PEACE.

(Thanks, Oakton Community College, for allowing me to come in to the space next to the cafeteria and set up a table. Thanks, members of the Oakton Christian Fellowship, for sitting by me and providing a welcome, too.)

The definition of PEACE I collected last Tuesday intrigued me to no end. Angel’s personal definition of PEACE: “Cruelty-free (animals including). Respect for every species on this planet.”

Angel is really into species-ism. She’s involved with UNICEF and against big corporations. She is also against factory-farming,… and prudent to live as one. She went on, “This is not classifying people on their income, on where they live, and women’s rights.”

So true, Angel. Your care and concern for all creatures on this earth makes me think that each creature is made by God. God made all the plants, all the animals. Every growing thing here on earth. God made it all.

Dear God, You made everything! You made me! We love You. Thank You for loving us. Amen.


(Reminder: I will be posting more from the young people at St. Viator’s High School next week, after Easter. Have a great Spring Break and a joyful Holy Week and Easter celebration!)

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