PEACE? Harmony, Unity, Respect, Compassion.

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Wednesday, April 6, 2016


PEACE? Harmony, Unity, Respect, Compassion.

Another day to present two points of view from St. Viator’s High School in Arlington Heights. Another day to see what kinds of thoughts these sincere people have.

As I considered the next two definitions, I saw similar actions in both of the personal definitions of PEACE: ways of acting towards other people.

Our first point of view comes from one of the few adults who wrote down a definition. (Several more came up and talked with me.) John’s personal definition:  “PEACE is the manifestation of our choice to live according to the order, harmony, and unity of God’s creation.”

Such rich words. I stopped short and read this definition several times, to grasp the enormity of the description. Accordingly, I asked John for further explanation. He told me, “We have in this world the residual of God’s plan for the universe. When God created Genesis 1 and 2, there was peace.” (John, a vivid description, to be sure.)

Joanna’s personal definition: “PEACE is mutual respect and compassion towards one another.” ❤


I asked her to tell me more about her definition. Joanna said, “Just think when people are sympathetic or compassionate towards each other. If that is true, then peace and serenity can happen throughout the world.”

Both personal definitions, both different, yet both involving others in an intimate way. This shows me—yet again—how infinitely inventive individual humans can be.

Dear God, thank You for such heartfelt ideas, such as compassion, respect, and most of all, harmony. Help each of us to practice these. Please.


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