PEACE – Happiness with Your Life (Repost)

Today’s post is really a repost from February, especially for the Facebook group Pursuing Peace. This post is from a wonderful human being, Teri. (Thanks for your personal definition!)

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, February 19, 2016


PEACE – Happiness with Your Life

Today’s definition comes from a woman I can only describe as bubbly. Effervescent. Excited about life and living. Therefore, I can hardly be surprised by her personal definition of PEACE.

Teri Collins’s definition of PEACE is happiness with your life.

Happiness can be fleeting. Yet, as I think of Teri, I can see how she connects peace and happiness so closely. Yes, life is a challenge sometimes. Yes, life can hand you lemons sometimes. However, if a person has an underlying happiness in their life, the bumps and challenges on the road through life are navigable.

Dr. Teri Collins, Ph.D., works with young people. She is engaging as well as engaged in the lives of the youth she is with. She also seems to have boundless energy. Teri is the Executive Director of the Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation (MYCAF), a nonprofit organization that connects youth with families and the community. She gets involved in young people’s lives in a variety of helping-ways, including mental, emotional and psychological health, and alcohol and drug awareness and prevention.

Thank God there are a number of different definitions of peace. I appreciate knowing many different viewpoints. I want to encourage other people to continue this conversation! God willing, many people of different ages and from different areas will share their personal definitions of PEACE.


Like what you read? Disagree? Share your thoughts with your loved ones and continue the conversation.

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