PEACE: Equality, Be Fair, Accept Others

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, May 22, 2016

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PEACE: Equality, Be Fair, Accept Others

Today, I begin a series of posts from Gemini Jr. High School in Niles. (A big thank you to Mr. Rich Groeling, Gemini’s principal!) First, I addressed the whole lunchroom. “What is your personal definition of PEACE,” I asked. Next, I had the opportunity to talk with any student who came to the conference room down the hall from the lunchroom.

I encouraged the young people to make a sign with their personal definition of PEACE. This was a wonderful chance to talk and get their viewpoints on PEACE.

First, Mojahid’s definition: “Peace is equality between everyone, and being fair to people. Also, being nice.”

Next, Jessica’s definition: “Peace is no war, silence, accepting others. Freedom!”

So much overlap with these two personal viewpoints.

I’ve been asking groups of people this question for several months now. (I have over 150 definitions now.) Overwhelmingly, I get a sad or horrified response from most people about the division and animosity in current politics and society. It doesn’t matter from what background or what age. There is a great deal of free-floating anxiety, stress and fear out there.

“Equality between everyone.” Amen! Yes, certainly something to strive for. And, “accepting others.” What would that look like?

I encourage everyone to think of small, loving steps towards PEACE each of us can take, each day. If a whole bunch of people start doing loving, encouraging activities, or saying positive, loving words to each other, we can change the world. #PursuePEACE.


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