Praying Through Several Encounters

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, July 1, 2016

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Praying Through Several Encounters

Today was a different kind of a day. A day of encounters, a day of prayers. A day out of the ordinary. Or—was it?

First, I arranged a test for a friend. Assisting him was a bit roundabout. I helped cut through some of the red tape, and got things taken care of. To finally take care of that situation was gratifying, to be sure.

Next up, helping another acquaintance with some paperwork. This was certainly easier. Tracking down some older files, and that was another item off my list of things to do.

Third, and perhaps most significant, I needed to drop off a file. Simple, indeed. However, I also took the opportunity to pray with someone at that house. (That was the significant part.) I talked with the family, prayed, and prayed some more.

In each situation today, I prayed. Three varied situations, and three very different people. However, I felt the need to take them all before God. All were heavy, and I needed God to help me to bear them. I could especially feel God’s presence on the last visit. (Not that God wasn’t in the first two. Of course God was! Don’t be silly—I keep telling myself.)

Today was indeed a day of encounters. A day I encountered three people, in separate situations. However, today was a day that I encountered God. God was with me on my errands and trips around the area today. God heard the words I said out loud, as well as those words I thought to myself, and those cries I couldn’t even put into words. Yes, God still heard me. And, God heard the friends I was with today

Thank You, God, for encouraging us to come to You in prayer. Thank You for the encouragement and support. I appreciate it. I depend on it, sometimes. Thank You. Thank You.


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