Gathering Worship, Community Prayer

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, October 15, 2016


Gathering Worship, Community Prayer

Today was a wonderful gathering. Great time of fellowship, heartfelt time of worship. Inspiring time for community-building.

The friends at the Fall Gathering had the privilege to hear Father Michael Pfleger. The information I received about Rev. Dr. Michael Pfleger? “Self-described as ‘pastor, preacher, parent, lecturer, activist,’ Father Pfleger is well-known throughout the country as an outspoken advocate for racial justice and outspoken critic of the systemic violence which plagues Chicago and our nation.”

Was his address a challenge to his listeners? Yes, certainly. A challenge for social justice. Did Father Pfleger’s talk veer into the realm of the sermon from time to time? Of course. The realm of the abundant, overflowing love of God for all. Did we hear a prophetic voice today? Oh, my. Yes, indeed. Talk about a voice crying out in the wilderness. Father Pfleger was all that.

As he spoke, I could feel the power and the urgency in his message, advocating for “the least of these.” Crying out for those who had no voice.

Whether you agree or disagree with Father Pfleger’s political stance, I suspect anyone who heard his words understood his passion, his love and caring for those he spoke for. And yes, I do respect him incredibly for everything he stands for.

God bless Father Pfleger, and bless his parish. Bless the friends he talks with and those he prays with. Bless those he ministers to, and bless his family. And—bless his work in racial justice, and especially his work for the least of these. The children, babies, women, the elderly, the infirm, and those others who have no voice. Dear Lord, in Your mercy, hear all of our prayers.


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