Busy Day Prayers

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, November 12, 2016


Busy Day Prayers

Ever have a busy day that just flowed by? Not crazy-busy, not frantic and frazzled, but a day when everything was moving by at a good speed? An enjoyable speed?

That was my day today. And, into tonight.

Looking back on the 24-hour period, I got a lot done. True, I do have a couple of mild regrets. I wish I had paid attention to two more things, and accomplished something there, too. But, overall, I had a satisfying day.

Yoga. If I had done nothing else all day, I would have considered this a good day with just the yoga. (Of course, my marvelous yoga teacher made it an exceptional yoga class. But, still. Yoga is wonderful, generally speaking.)

On top of that, I enjoyed everything I did today. Stopped at a garden store and bought a few supplies—and some Christmas tree ornaments. Visited someone sweet at a health care center. On the way home, ran in a store. Stopped off at church, dropped off some supplies, and made a pretty seasonal display.

I particularly enjoyed being artistic. It nurtured something deep within that does not often get fed. I suspect I found such pleasure in today because it utilized varied and different parts of me, So fulfilling. It stretched me in ways I haven’t been challenged in some time. But, not too much—a comfortable challenge.

Then, of course, writing. Several different things, including this post.

What a varied, busy time, sprinkled with prayer. With a backdrop of a gorgeous fall day, I’d very much like another day like today. Dear God, thank You. Thank You so much.


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