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Afterword: About to Begin. Continue in Prayer.

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – February 1, 2015

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Afterword: About to Begin. Continue in Prayer.

I’ve finished 31 lessons in prayer. The Beautiful Work of Learning to Pray, by Rev. James Howell. There were 31 days in January, and I figured this would be a solid start to my Year of Everyday Prayers. I forgot about the Afterword.

Rev. Howell hopes this past month was a jumpstart to people’s prayer lives. (my words, not his—but the sentiment certainly is his!) I hope so, too. I am big on encouraging people to pray. Even though I stumble and fall often in this area of regular prayer, I know that when we all get together and encourage each other, prayer somehow works. Regularly.

I sent out the intercessory prayer email about an hour ago. Yes, I send out an email once a week to some friends. We have promised God and promised each other that we would pray regularly for these requests each week. So, this is what I facilitate each week.

As I understand from Rev. Howell—and as I’ve heard somewhere before, years ago—we never master prayer. We are always practicing. I’m okay with that. I know very well that I am no master! I admit I have had difficulty with regularity in prayer, for long periods of time in my several decades of life. God willing, God will bless my efforts in blogging about prayer.

Everyday prayer? Or praying every day? Either? Or, both!

Thank You, God, for helping me to pray.

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