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God, Reveal Your Presence. Please.

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, April 19, 2015

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God, Reveal Your Presence. Please.

It has been a week. It seems like almost every day in this past week has had 30 hours crammed into it, instead of just 24.

I opened to the page set aside for this week in my trusty liturgical lectionary prayer book, and I saw the readings for today. Yes, great readings! I used two of them in my sermon for the 3rd Sunday of Easter, this morning.

However, what caught my eye and impressed itself upon my heart was the brief opening prayer for this week’s meditations. “Come now and reveal Your presence to me as I make myself present to You.”

I know these probably sound like/are first-world problems, but my life has been filled with them all, this past week.

I had a bunch of days where my hours were jam-packed, crammed with things to do. Moreover, in the middle of the week, I had stomach flu. (I blogged about it.) So, I found myself running to keep up even more frantically. My home land line has periodically been out of service, so no Internet connection at home. (Hello, friendly neighborhood coffee place!) Plus, someone cancelled at the last minute before a big presentation. I had to go to Plan B—and I wasn’t quite sure what Plan B was until just the night before. Added to everything else, on Thursday night I heard about the recent death of a friend. Last weekend.

Oh, my dear, loving God, how I need Your presence! I needed it before, and I want it, right now! Help me to be present to You. (And some patience would not go amiss, either.)

I am afraid. Uncertain, anxious, angry, hesitant, even forgetful. All in the space of five minutes, even. I need Your everlasting arms around me. Please, Lord. Reveal Your presence to me.

Please. And, thank You. Amen.


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