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Day #35 – Bite My Tongue?

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, March 30, 2015

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Day #35 – Bite My Tongue?

Ouch. I resemble that remark. Or, rather, today’s whole #40acts post.

That is, I used to resemble today’s post about being careless with my tongue and subsequently watching my remarks. I remember, in my late teens and twenties, that I had an acerbic tongue. Sometimes it would hit the mark, and cause chuckles or even outright laughter. But on a number of occasions, I would go too far. Say something way out of line.

What is that old saying? “Turnabout is fair play!” Since I was hanging around with several people who made this their habit, I was put in the situation of being the recipient of acerbic, sarcastic remarks more than once. Many more times than once. I found out—the hard way!—how much those remarks stung. Hurt. Festered. You better believe I licked my wounds.

Gradually, I came to understand that this way of speaking was not the way to behave. This was not the way to make friends and influence people. At least, not the kind of people I enjoyed hanging out with. You helped me to clean up my hasty language, too.

Today’s suggestions in Katherine’s post make so much sense! The opposite is so often the case. The New Testament letter of James makes the penetrating point that the tongue is a small thing. Tiny, as far as the whole rest of the body is concerned. But it’s oh-so-similar to the rudder of a ship. The tongue can steer me and my thoughts and attitudes in specific directions. Positive? Caring? Negative? Sarcastic? How about fearful? Or judgmental? Or excitable?

A slip of the tongue can ruin a conversation, or even a relationship. Conversely, a well-placed word can benefit not only me, but my friends. My acquaintances. My boss. My family.

God, thanks for the progress You and I have made together, in these past number of years. Dear God, help me to continue watching what I say, and make my words pleasing to You. Such a little thing, the tongue; help us all to be more aware of what and how we speak. Thanks, God! You’re the best.


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