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A Caring Acrostic on PEACE

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, March 18, 2016


A Caring Acrostic on PEACE

Today is another day posting from St. Viator’s High School in Arlington Heights. Another day of my Pursuing PEACE Project (#PursuePEACE). Their principal, Fr. Corey Brost, offered me the opportunity to hang out in the lunch room last week. I talked briefly with anyone who came up to the table I had set up on one side of the large room.

Two more young people today, and two more personal definitions. I was so intrigued by both definitions! But more about that, in a moment.

First, Julia’s definition: “PEACE is not just being kind to one another because you have to, but because you want to.”


I asked Julia to tell me a little more about her definition. “Peace is an internal thing,” she responded. “You can’t be kind to people begrudgingly, but you need to WANT to be kind. On the inside.”

I was so moved by this. Julia had articulated something deeply significant. Peace starts off on the inside—internally, long before it is ever experienced by others on the outside. I thanked her very much for her profound insight.

Second, Maranda’s personal definition—an acrostic on PEACE! “P-eople E-verywhere A-re C-aring for E-veryone.

I thought this was awesome. And, innovative and imaginative. Maranda obviously had given her definition a great deal of thought. I would have loved to talk with her further! However, she needed to go—regretfully, but her homework was calling. (She needed to finish an assignment.) I thanked her so much, encouraged her with her homework assignment, and sent her off with one of my signature smiles.

I absolutely loved both definitions. Caring. Kindness. The internal kind/caring/loving thoughts processed mentally and psychologically, as well as spiritually discerned. Then, displayed through kind/caring/loving words, thoughts and actions. That is PEACE in action for both of these young people. Thanks to God for such awesomeness!


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