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Pray for Help from Our Higher Power

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, November 16, 2015

prayer to God as I understand God

Pray for Help from Our Higher Power

Today’s reading hit the bull’s eye. Pray. That’s it. Pray for help from God as you understand God. That’s it. [1]

Yes, as the reading today instructed, I can pray that I come to know the Twelve Steps better. And, you and I both know that I wrote a year-long blog about being helpful and being of service. (365 days of being helpful!)

I try to be a good example. I want others to know that if they need anything, they can call on me. I will do my best to get them help and assistance.

Now, there is one caveat. One presupposition, if you will.

I need to believe in a loving, caring God, a God who is intimately involved with all of the humans in the world. A God who will come alongside those who are struggling, and assist. No matter what. (It’s a good thing that I do believe in such a loving, caring God.)

A distant, neutral, even vindictive Higher Power? Sorry, but I cannot pin my faith to some old acquaintances, or in some dinky understanding of an HP. Much less to an arbitrary God who doesn’t even care whether I live or die.

I appreciate the Action for Today from today’s reading: “Today, I’ll admit my needs by praying for help from my Higher Power.” So be it. Amen.


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[1] Keep It Simple: Daily Meditations for Twelve-Step Beginnings and Renewal. (Hazelden Meditation Series) (San Francisco: Harper & Row Publishers, 1989), November 16 reading.

Praying for Safety and Sleep

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, August 16, 2015

God calms storms in your life Psalm 110

Praying for Safety and Sleep

As I read and prayed through the Evening Prayers from http://www.dailyoffice.org this evening, a verse from the Psalm made me come to a complete stop. I sat and stared at this verse from Psalm 4, wishing with all my heart that it could be true for me. True for me tonight, and most nights, for that matter.

“I lie down in peace; at once I fall asleep; *for only you, LORD, make me dwell in safety.”

I haven’t been getting very much sleep lately. At the risk of Too Much Information, my husband and I don’t have any air conditioning in our apartment. Yes, I grew up in Chicago. Yes, I know that the Chicago area gets uncomfortably hot on frequent occasions in the summer. And lastly, I know this fitful sleep at night is due—in great part—to the heat and humidity.

But, I can still wish, can’t I?

The second thought that came to me is that of a week-long seminar I attended in July, where I had the joy of learning from a pre-eminent biblical scholar, Dr. Ken Bailey. Ken taught on the Shepherd passages from both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. This verse reminds me so strongly of Psalm 23, and what King David had to say about the sheep under his care.

Psalm 4 is also a Psalm of David. And, it also deals with challenging circumstances. David knew what he was talking about, that was sure! I don’t think God would leave David high and dry. I don’t mean for anyone to think the less of themselves, just in case God seems like God is leaving you high and dry! (God forbid.)

However, I know the feeling, let me say. I have felt that God has left me alone, all by myself, with no one to help me. It was real. And, I felt that way a number of times, over the years. Thank God I don’t feel like that right now. Instead, I feel a strong connection with God now. And, I can affirm, amen!

Let’s pray. Dear Lord, gracious God, thank You for watching out for King David. Thank You for caring for him and his friends, all during that wandering in the wilderness, running from King Saul for years. Thank You for caring for me, all during the times of uncertain employment and unemployment, no health insurance, and the extended health problems of my loved ones. And, I pray that You might give encouragement and support to anyone reading this post today. Touch each person. Help them know that You love each one! And, You will never leave them, never forsake them. Never, ever. Thank You, Lord!


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Why not visit my sister blogs, “the best of” A Year of Being Kind.   @chaplaineliza And, read my sermons from Pastor, Preacher Pray-er