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Eyes Haughty? I Think That’s All Puffed Up.

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, April 26, 2015

GENTLE be gentle with yourself

Eyes Haughty? I Think That’s All Puffed Up.

Too big for your britches? All that, and a bag of chips, besides? I suspect the psalm for the week is talking about exactly that.

As I read today’s lectionary passages, I couldn’t help but notice that thread in a few verses of the psalm text, Psalm 131. That was it. Just a couple of oblique allusions, but that was what I needed to hear.

All puffed up, proud and haughty. Sure sounds like someone seems to think very well of themselves. I don’t know whether you already saw a recent cartoon about this very attitude, but I think this attitude is definitely contagious. And discouraging to others.

Dear Lord, thanks for the cautionary word. Thanks for being there while I read the prayer book, Gracious God, help me to remember that You are a loving God, a powerful God, and a mighty God. No matter what. Amen, and amen.


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