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Pray, Celebrate, Keep Coming Back

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, August 29, 2015

keep life simple

Pray, Celebrate, Keep Coming Back

Once more, I prayed through the Evening Prayer from www.dailyoffice.org on my laptop this evening. Just like last Saturday, I noticed one piece of the service, in particular. In the Collect for Saturday: “Grant that as we sing your glory at the close of this day, our joy may abound in the morning as we celebrate the Paschal mystery; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.”

I particularly noticed this sentence last week, it seems, out of the clear blue sky. Last week, I subbed for a pastor friend of mine, who was on vacation. And, celebrated Communion. This week, I led a Communion service at my church. A special Communion—or, Eucharist Service, for people who have a Christian concept of God as their Higher Power.

Higher Power? Isn’t that a Recovery concept? Well, yes, it is.

This Communion Service was (and is) for those in Recovery and for those who find the 12 Steps useful in their personal lives. And, who also have a Christian concept of God as each one understands God. (I have led this service on three occasions, and we’re planning for a fourth, next month, on Saturday, Sept. 26.)

The Paschal mystery part of the prayer? That part intrigued me, again.

As someone who finds the 12 Steps useful to my way of living life, I tried to incorporate these principles and way of life into an ecumenical Communion service. All the while, the Paschal mystery was bubbling away, on the back burner of the stove in my mind.

I remember what I found out last week. The Paschal mystery hearkens back to the narrative of manna in the wilderness. God was faithful in supplying the manna for huge numbers of the nation of Israel! As well, God is faithful in expressing love, caring and help for all those who are on the path of Recovery.

I’m keeping it simple. One day at a time.


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This Do. Jesus Said So.

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Thursday, April 9, 2015

Communion cup, grapes, wheat

This Do. Jesus Said So.

I read the passage set out for me, today, for Thursday of Easter Week. Mark 14, specifically the description of the Passover dinner Jesus celebrated with His disciples.

Mark’s usual terse words—almost journalistic in their simplicity—were made a little more descriptive, in this instance. Describing the way the disciples were to find a place, a room in the undoubtably busy city of Jerusalem, at the most congested time of the year. But Mark returns to his spare depiction as he describes the meal itself, and the institution of the Lord’s Supper.

I couldn’t help but be drawn to the words of institution. You see, I was just commissioned several weeks ago. Prayers said, hands laid on me. So, Holy Week was the first occasion of my celebrating the Lord’s Supper as pastor of a small congregation. It was a moving experience. A memorable time. And then, on Easter Sunday, the first Sunday in April, our church celebrated communion again.

Take, eat. This do. Drink ye all of it. Jesus said so.

I have always had a special reverence for communion, ever since I was a girl. I take the words of the apostle Paul quite seriously when he stated—in all seriousness—that as often as we eat this bread and drink this cup, we proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes again.

I’ve been able to lead in worship ever since seminary. It’s been a number of years—quite a number of worship services at retirement facilities, and sometimes substituting for my minister friends. Now, I am commissioned. The especially new part for me is celebrating and officiating at the Lord’s Supper. It was, indeed, a joyful occasion for me.

Let’s pray. Dear Lord, gracious God, we come to You this day, praising Your name. Thinking of the celebration of Easter. Remembering the Lord Jesus and His death, until He comes again. Help us to remember You in all we do, Lord Jesus, especially when we eat this bread and drink this cup. You told us it was important. Thank You for this physical, tangible reminder of You. It is in Jesus’ blessed, risen name we pray, amen.


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