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Centering Prayer? Head of the Body

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jesus - mosaic from Deesus panel, south aisle of Hagia Sophia

Centering Prayer? Head of the Body

I love the letter to the Colossians. It has been a few years since I’ve studied it in depth, but I love the out-and-out theological expressions it uses. Some other parts of the New Testament are more action-oriented, and I love that, too. But sometimes, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some deep theological statement. Like in the middle of Colossians, chapter 1.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m choosing a Name of God found in the Bible, my word of the day. My Name of God for today is Head of the Body. So, I centered today on this Name.

Instead of just choosing a Name and getting right down to prayer, I took a look at the first chapter of Colossians. I even checked out some notes on verse 18, where “Head of the Body, the Church” appears. I discovered “Head of the Body” appears several additional times in the New Testament, including Ephesians 1, where Paul fleshes out the “Head of the Body” a bit more.

I remember briefly thinking of the description in 1 Corinthians of the Church being the Body of Christ, and each member having different gifts, different ways to be useful. And—just think. Christ is Head of that whole multi-gifted, multi-talented, multi-ethnic, multi-colored Body. What a marvelous Body to be considered part of!

Then, I tried my best to focus on the Colossians verse—specifically, on the Name of God I chose for today. I had limited success. Sure, I’d focus on “Head of the Body” for several moments, but then I would get distracted.

The best thing (or perhaps, best thought) that came to me involved the Head. The Head is connected to the Body. The Head (and the brain inside it) controls the whole Body, and tells the Body what to do and which way to go. The Head is very much an organic part of the Body, and unless part of the Body is malfunctioning, it responds to the direction of the Head. Considers the Head to be in charge of the Body.

Wow. That means I am in direct communication with the Head of the Body/the Church. I don’t need to find some special way to communicate, since I am organically part of the Head. That means you are, too, if you are a part of the Body.

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for this fruitful time of prayer today. Thank You for this excellent Name of God I found today. Help me to keep in touch with You, stay connected, and know that I am part of this amazing Body of Christ. Thanks, Lord!


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Center on Christ. (Jesus’ Last Name?)

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, September 5, 2015

Jesus Christ - clouds

Center on Christ. (Jesus’ Last Name?)

September means Centering Prayer. I’m choosing a name of God found in the Bible, and using that for my word of the day. My word—Name of God for today is Christ.

This particular Name struck me as a part of God’s Name I use on a regular basis. So regularly, in fact, I overlook the significance of it. This was the strong impression I received as I started thinking about this Name and praying with it.

Quick on the heels of this serious thought came a more humorous one: Christ is Jesus’ last name. Even though I had the initial, serious, almost scholarly thought in my head first, I rolled this funny one around, too. I could almost see a stand-up comedian in front of a mic on a small stage (a la comedy club) doing a routine about Jesus. His origins, a little about His parentage. And how His last name wasn’t really Christ after all.

But then, I gravitated back to the significance of Christ. I know it’s a Greek word for “anointed.” A translation for the Jewish word “Messiah.” Mark 1 and Matthew 1 both refer to Jesus as “Jesus Christ” or “Jesus called the Christ.” That’s straightforward enough for me.

I come back to the regular use of this Name. Its use is so common that I may be guilty of treating the seriousness—even the Godliness—of the Name much too lightly. Not that I think that our Lord Jesus expects me to cower at His Name, or His presence! No, certainly not. But, I need to explore exactly what Jesus’ Name (or, Names) mean to me.

Thank You, dear Lord Jesus, for the wake-up call. I know You are loving, caring, nurturing and patient. (God knows You need a great amount of patience with me!) Thank You for loving me, even when I make You unhappy, or even mad. Help me as I explore these different Names of Yours this month. Continue to give me insight and understanding, too. Thank You, God!


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Centering on Bread of Life

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, September 4, 2015

BREAD OF LIFE brass trivet

Centering on Bread of Life

Today, I’m departing a bit from the spirit of Centering Prayer. (Yes, already.) I intended for each day in the month of September to choose a name of God found in the Bible. The Name I’ve chosen for today is a phrase. (I’ve got to ask people more familiar with Centering Prayer. I think that’s okay, but I’m not sure.)

In any case, the phrase for today? My Name of God for today is Bread of Life.

This Name of God seemed so fitting for today. This Sunday is the first Sunday of the month. And, in the church I serve as pastor, Communion is observed on the first week of the month. Bread of Life? Jesus. Jesus? Bread of Life.

Initially, I didn’t have problems entering a prayer space. I am usually finding this aspect of prayer straightforward. However—keeping my mind centered on the word for the day? That’s where the difficult part comes in. Today was more difficult than usual.

I knew that Jesus said “I am the bread of life” in the Gospel of John. (I knew that straight off. I didn’t need to look that up.) Although I couldn’t remember all the specifics about the passage, I had some context on which to base my meditation. Yeah, frequent non-Bible related thoughts came up.

However, one Bible-related—even bread-related—thought came up a few times during my prayer. Manna. God gave the people of Israel manna in the wilderness. God gave us Jesus, the Bread of Life, to us in our wilderness.

What an awesome thought!

As I prepare for and look forward to Communion Sunday this weekend, I can keep that thought prayerfully in my mind and heart. Thanks, God! Thanks for the marvelous connection. Thank You for the opportunity to celebrate Communion with this congregation. And, thanks for Jesus, the Bread of Life.


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Helping? Praying? Being There for My Friend!

Upon reflection, I thought this was such a wonderful post on prayer and meditation. It comes from my other blog–A Year of Being Kind. (Apologies to those who have seen it before.) I hope this post blesses many.

A Year of Being Kind

A Year of Being Kind blog – Sunday, October 26, 2014

Centering-Prayer-hands holding candle

Helping? Being There for My Friend!

I have a friend who lives in a neighboring state. We recently had dinner when she was in Chicago for some business. We have gotten in the habit of having lively conversations over social media. It is so enjoyable! And I hope it’s mutually beneficial, as well.

My friend told me recently about a long, difficult day she had at work. On top of that, the situation at her home was not particularly peaceful. After the stressful day at work, of course she was anxious and frustrated. (I’ve been there, too—I know!) She gave me a play-by-play on her irritating home situation. And I commiserated. Good grief! I know how families can be sometimes.

I had a sudden thought. I asked my friend whether she wanted me to give her a brief meditation…

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