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Centering Prayer? Head of the Body

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, September 13, 2015

Jesus - mosaic from Deesus panel, south aisle of Hagia Sophia

Centering Prayer? Head of the Body

I love the letter to the Colossians. It has been a few years since I’ve studied it in depth, but I love the out-and-out theological expressions it uses. Some other parts of the New Testament are more action-oriented, and I love that, too. But sometimes, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into some deep theological statement. Like in the middle of Colossians, chapter 1.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m choosing a Name of God found in the Bible, my word of the day. My Name of God for today is Head of the Body. So, I centered today on this Name.

Instead of just choosing a Name and getting right down to prayer, I took a look at the first chapter of Colossians. I even checked out some notes on verse 18, where “Head of the Body, the Church” appears. I discovered “Head of the Body” appears several additional times in the New Testament, including Ephesians 1, where Paul fleshes out the “Head of the Body” a bit more.

I remember briefly thinking of the description in 1 Corinthians of the Church being the Body of Christ, and each member having different gifts, different ways to be useful. And—just think. Christ is Head of that whole multi-gifted, multi-talented, multi-ethnic, multi-colored Body. What a marvelous Body to be considered part of!

Then, I tried my best to focus on the Colossians verse—specifically, on the Name of God I chose for today. I had limited success. Sure, I’d focus on “Head of the Body” for several moments, but then I would get distracted.

The best thing (or perhaps, best thought) that came to me involved the Head. The Head is connected to the Body. The Head (and the brain inside it) controls the whole Body, and tells the Body what to do and which way to go. The Head is very much an organic part of the Body, and unless part of the Body is malfunctioning, it responds to the direction of the Head. Considers the Head to be in charge of the Body.

Wow. That means I am in direct communication with the Head of the Body/the Church. I don’t need to find some special way to communicate, since I am organically part of the Head. That means you are, too, if you are a part of the Body.

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for this fruitful time of prayer today. Thank You for this excellent Name of God I found today. Help me to keep in touch with You, stay connected, and know that I am part of this amazing Body of Christ. Thanks, Lord!


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