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Peace, Feathers, and the Library

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, June 10, 2016

Peace, Feathers, and the Library

Peace is - feathers, MG library

The Peace Vigil was a wonderful experience.

I remember the Morton Grove Community Peace Vigil on June 1st with great appreciation. I am so pleased it worked out so well. The way Janine, Dilnaz and I conceived of it, we made it a simple event. We provided an opportunity for people in our community to come together, think about peace and harmony, and seek to continue the conversation of peace.

As I reflect back, I almost pinch myself. (Did it really happen? I mean, really?)

It almost seems like one of those made-for-tv movies, the warm-and-fuzzy kind. The kind where diverse folks gather together at a community event, and everything ends up happily-ever-after.

Except, this time, it really happened.

One of the personal definitions of peace that came from the Morton Grove library reminded me of just this kind of feeling—the made-for-tv kind of feeling, I mean. Did the Peace Vigil really happen?

Almost all of the personal definitions of peace I gathered had some kind of story behind them. There was some meaning, some point of view from almost every individual. Except—not from the library, and not from the Peace Vigil. I did not gather them, did not talk to each and every person from the library, nor from the Peace Vigil.

This is a bit different for me. I need to reflect on the meaning of those definitions in a different kind of way. Sort of the way I reflect on this particular image: a page with the words “Peace is … “ and a bunch of feathers glued, scattered over the page.

This could mean that peace is—ephemeral. Able to be blown away like feathers. Or, it could mean that peace is—light, airy. Not heavy! Not ponderous! Instead, something light and positive. Or, it might mean that peace is—fragile. Easily broken, and easily disrupted.

A fourth possibility? This picture could mean all of the definitions I just mentioned. All of them, at once. I especially am attracted to the last definition I thought of. Fragile, easily broken, and easily disrupted.

God willing, may I hold peace lightly, but at the same time, with hope and expectancy. Just as I would hold a page full of pretty feathers.


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