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Peace and the Library

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, June 6, 2016

Peace and the Library

Peace is - different neighbors, MG library

To get ready for the Morton Grove Peace Vigil last week, the Morton Grove Public Library was kind enough to provide some wonderful resources for children and families. The Youth Services section of the library made a special display of books related to peace. Plus, the youth coordinator and librarian had a self-directed opportunity for youth and their families to create their own definitions of peace.

Yes, the library gave everyone an opportunity to make personal definitions of peace! Plus, some of these sheets with definitions were quite artistic, even innovative. I keep marveling at the marvelous ideas that keep bubbling up.

I think back to the initial conversation that Janine, Dilnaz and I had, back in April. We all agreed that young people—youth—were not often seen at interfaith and ecumenical gatherings. So, we set up the Peace Vigil for hope and harmony especially to get youth participation. And—it happened, just as we hoped. Just as we wanted.

A great big thank you to the Morton Grove Public Library, and especially the Youth Services section! Janine, Dilnaz and I all appreciate everything the library was able to do for the Peace Vigil. (Plus, there is talk and movement about the 2nd Annual Peace Vigil for Hope and Harmony in May 2017! Let’s keep the conversation about peace going.)

Young people not only have great ideas, but they often have excitement and enthusiasm, too. I wanted to tap into all of that. Get loud, and make some noise! Yay, peace!

Dear God, it is awesome how everything fell together for the Peace Vigil last Wednesday night. Thanks for everything involved with coordinating and organizing this wonderful event. Amen! (Yay, peace! Again!)


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