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Busy Day Prayers

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, November 12, 2016


Busy Day Prayers

Ever have a busy day that just flowed by? Not crazy-busy, not frantic and frazzled, but a day when everything was moving by at a good speed? An enjoyable speed?

That was my day today. And, into tonight.

Looking back on the 24-hour period, I got a lot done. True, I do have a couple of mild regrets. I wish I had paid attention to two more things, and accomplished something there, too. But, overall, I had a satisfying day.

Yoga. If I had done nothing else all day, I would have considered this a good day with just the yoga. (Of course, my marvelous yoga teacher made it an exceptional yoga class. But, still. Yoga is wonderful, generally speaking.)

On top of that, I enjoyed everything I did today. Stopped at a garden store and bought a few supplies—and some Christmas tree ornaments. Visited someone sweet at a health care center. On the way home, ran in a store. Stopped off at church, dropped off some supplies, and made a pretty seasonal display.

I particularly enjoyed being artistic. It nurtured something deep within that does not often get fed. I suspect I found such pleasure in today because it utilized varied and different parts of me, So fulfilling. It stretched me in ways I haven’t been challenged in some time. But, not too much—a comfortable challenge.

Then, of course, writing. Several different things, including this post.

What a varied, busy time, sprinkled with prayer. With a backdrop of a gorgeous fall day, I’d very much like another day like today. Dear God, thank You. Thank You so much.


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‘Twas One Week Before Christmas

snowy trees and blue sky

matterofprayer blog post for Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In recent, past Decembers, I have been harried, rushed, almost frantic with everything that needed doing. But not this year. I’m so proud of myself—I have not been rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off. (Yay!)

However, I must confess that I did not set out to act like this—calm, peaceful, almost sedate. No, my December just turned out that way. So far, at least.

Perhaps the calm came to me as a byproduct of the email prayer list I moderate (St. Peter’s Prayer Project, an intercessory prayer ministry for members and friends of the church I belong to). Or, possibly, the peace could have come from my fairly regular Advent devotions (I’ve only missed two days this season so far—great batting average for me!). Then again, I have been joyfully consistent in my exercise at the YMCA gym in town—three times a week for several months. Yay! (My spiritual director knows and approves heartily.)

I am not quite sure what is helping me to maintain a modicum of peace and serenity this Advent season, but I am thankful for the wonderful feelings of calm and contentment that come to me more often than not. More often than in recent Decembers, I can tell you! Whatever (Whomever?) is helping me, may it continue. (Thanks, God!) I do appreciate the peace.

Let’s pray. Dear God, thanks for helping me to stay in the peace and calm of Your presence this Advent season—at least for a while. Forgive me when I stray from Your side, and from where You want me to be. I know I don’t always need to run away in a physical sense. I can stray mentally, spiritually and psychologically, too. But You help me to quiet my mind. You still the tumult in my soul. You allow that Peace that passes human understanding to enter my heart. Thank You, Prince of Peace. Amen, God!