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Day #32 – Brag About Besties! And Pray, Too.

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Day #32 – Brag About Besties! And Pray, Too.

I’ve got a confession to make. I don’t have a smart phone. Or a camera phone. I have a dumb phone. One good for talking and for texting. I also do not have an Instagram account. (Probably because I do not have a camera/smart phone.) However, I am periodically fascinated by others’ photos. And selfies.

Today’s suggestion intrigued me. Of course, I have never taken a selfie. I kind of, sort of might like to try. But, I recognize that’s selfish. Better for me to talk about my friends than to focus on me, me, me! So, I’ll tell you about a few other people. Boast about them! Brag!

First, I’ll tell you about my good friend Susan. She is sweet, loving, patient and one of the most caring people I know. She would be quick to let you know that she is also a mom of several kids. Very active, curious kids! And, she owns a sweet dog who, while greeting you, almost bowls you over. Susan goes above and beyond in her work, since she works with developmentally and intellectually disabled people, and loves what she does. God bless you, Susan! I thank God for my dear, dear friend.

Next, I think of Alison and Ivan. Marvelous couple! Genuinely interested in everyone. They worked for years outside of this country as missionaries. Or was Ivan a pastor? Counselor? Was Alison a lactation consultant? Or good friend? Now, they are back in the area. The best thing I think of when I consider this lovely couple is that I could immediately pick up an in-depth conversation with either of them as if we had just left off a few days before. Even though it was several years in between the times I saw them. My good friends, and coworkers in the Gospel.

Last, for right now, is my friend Stu. Some distance away, he is going through a difficult time right now—he and especially a dear loved one. (Pray for their family, if you would. Thank you so much!) Stu is a dear, dear friend of mine. He is a technical professional, detail-oriented toward his work, yet concerned about people—every individual he meets. His church and his friends are also important, but they are overshadowed by his immediate concerns about his family. Stu, friend of my heart, dear brother in Christ. Sending gentle thoughts and prayers your way in this challenging time!

Four dear, dear people, from different walks of life. God, be with each of them, as well as their families. May You send each one what they most need, today. Please, Lord. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.


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