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Frederick William Faber’s Joy in God

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, May 27, 2017

joy in sand

Frederick William Faber’s Joy in God

Richard Foster chose to write about (and include excerpts from) both Faber and John Henry Newman. They both were ordained as Anglican clergymen, and both were influenced to turn to Roman Catholicism.

During the time of two tours of the European Continent in the 1840’s, Faber was drawn to Catholicism by its rites and devotions. He and Newman were received into the Catholic church. Increasingly devotional in nature, Faber founded a religious community the following year. Newman made Faber the superior of a London community. Faber oversaw the founding of many good works and outreaches, and became known as a spiritual leader, writer and confessor.

This excerpt comes from “The Creator and Creature.”

“This is, in fact, [man’s] true blessedness—to be ever more and more enclosed in the hand of God who made him. The Creator’s hand is the creature’s home.” [1] This pair of sentences is so representative of this excerpt. Faber delights to speak of the glories of the Creation, the wonders of the Creator, and our joy (the creatures’ joy, that is) in our living in this wondrous Creation.

So far as the creature is concerned, Faber explains that the creatures are full of fear, true. Yet, they are also made up of “…humility, of prayer, of repentance, and above all, of love…so much man, as a creature, conduct himself as such, and do those virtuous actions, which are chiefly virtues because they are becoming to him and adapted to his condition.” [2]

Faber’s view of humanity is hopeful and humble. (So interesting to me, personally, with a basically Reformed view of humanity.) Yet, this view of Faber’s jives with the Westminster Catechism’s first question: what is the chief end of man? Man’s chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. I suspect Faber would agree with that question and answer, in great part.

In his perception of humans as creatures, they love and obey and readily admit the sovereignty of God the Creator. As I am encouraged to meditate on the glories of the Creator God, I can also thank our Lord Jesus for His intercession for me and for His forgiveness of all my sins. Thank You, thank You, Jesus!



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