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Lots to Pray About

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lots to Pray About

Lots to pray about? That is an understatement.

Yes, at my church—in the family of faith I belong to—there are many prayer needs and prayer requests. Even some joys in prayer. However, in the country where I live, there are even more prayer needs. Serious, even agonizing needs.

I feel strongly about these larger, serious prayer needs. There are a number of wrongful deaths that occurred during the past few weeks. I realize feelings are still running high, throughout the country. I believe that prayer can assist. Assist with feelings, both negative and positive. And, assist us even in dealing with horror and agony.

So much fear, anxiety, even violence here in the Chicago area. Added to that, the injustice in the country against many others. When I consider all the pain in the situations, in the lives of the various individuals and families involved, I am saddened beyond measure. I realize that trauma and pain can still infiltrate the feelings of many.

Alone, I sometimes cry over all the fear, horror and pain. But when I join together with others, in relationships, I won’t be as likely to shrink into myself. People will still mourn, but still feel the companionship of others.

Prayer can help in many situations. Others can help to bear the burdens and pain. Please, God, hearken to our prayers. All of our prayers.


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