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Adolfo Quezada, Confession and Compassion

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, April 18, 2017

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Adolfo Quezada, Confession and Compassion

Adolfo Quezada is a licensed professional counselor in California. He has published several books, and is a loving, caring, supportive counselor. He specializes particularly in depression, anxiety, grief and trauma. He also leads prayer retreats.

As I alluded to in the title of this post, Quezada is all for letting go of what happened in people’s individual lives. There is the negative side: things people have said, done or thought. Quezada recommends: “Make restitution as best you can in ways that bring healing and restore harmony to your life and lives of those you have hurt.” [1]

I read Quezada’s profound statement, “When you accept God’s love, you also accept God’s forgiveness.” [2] This is truly life-changing, for some people. People who feel that whatever they might have done was so terribly awful that God would never forgive them, and—guess what? God really will forgive us. Even more so than flawed parents who sometimes interfere with their children and even reject them, God will never, ever reject us.

Then, I noticed this gut-wrenching statement: “Reconsider your expectations. Examine the demands you make on yourself. Are they realistic? What do you base them on?” [3] Ah, so painful. So much pain in these few words. God will help us all with those faulty, unrealistic expectations. We all can gain access to God’s immeasurable, bountiful love and mercy.

I can—we all can—experience God’s love. Generous and unconditional. Do you feel unworthy? Or, perhaps, disgruntled at someone, so you have something blocking you from God’s love? Nevertheless, God loves you. Abundantly, immeasurably, marvelously, God’s love lasts forever. Amazing love and grace and mercy.  Alleluia.


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Poetic Expressions in Prayer

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, August 21, 2015

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Poetic Expressions in Prayer

I find myself struck, often times, by the beauty of the poetry found in these nightly prayers. Throughout the millennia, individuals have been moved to set down their impressions of God and God’s mighty works. Or God’s abundant promises, fulfilled. Or, God’s forgiveness and blessing. I see this poetry in the Psalms, as well as in songs, canticles and other passages in the Scripture.

I also find beautiful poetry addressed to God, written by sensitive persons throughout the centuries. This comes from books and writings from diverse places like North Africa, the Fertile Crescent and Mesopotamia, as well as crisscrossing Europe.

I’m particularly moved by these two phrases: “Keep us, Lord, as the apple of Your eye; Hide us under the shadow of Your wings.” This (unattributed) verse comes from Psalm 17:8.

O Lord, the apple of Your eye. That’s pretty much the same as the pupil of the eye. The center part. And, hidden under the shadow of Your wings? One of the commentators I read made mention of this image being one of the more favored biblical images, written about the mother bird caring for her young. Just as Your people have written. These and similar metaphors and similies, for centuries.

How touching to include this well beloved verse each night in the Evening Prayer. Dear Lord, thank You for the website www.dailyoffice.org. I pray for each one who uses this website, as well as the friends of the Daily Office, on retreat near Indianapolis. Lord, in Your mercy, hear all of our prayers.


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Coloring Outside the Lines Today—In Prayer

Coloring Outside the Lines Today—In Prayer

PRAY Lord hear our prayer

There were a number of positive, even deep comments made today by the author of my prayer guide. Yet, one sentence popped out at me. Called attention to itself. “The principle of prayer is like pictures children color: there are no bad pictures, and you are encouraged to color outside the lines.” [1]

How often do I feel like a child, coloring outside of the lines? I know I am one. I know I need God’s forgiveness, and God’s patience. I realize I need both of these, so much. Maybe not every day, but most days. Or nights.

Ironic, how Rev. Howell has a positive spin on children coloring outside of the lines. He implies the freedom inherent in the image of the child coloring. Yes, but . . .

Here, I am putting a less than optimum stance on that same image. God, please help me to see that image in a positive way, like Rev. Howell. I very much want to feel that freedom, a God-given attitude. It’s not only in prayer, but in all of my life—our lives. God, please help us to pray.


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[1] James C. Howell, The Beautiful Work of Learning to Pray, Abingdon Press (Nashville, TN: 2003), 22.