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God’s Name – Mighty Name

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, August 3, 2015

God - my rock and my fortress Psa 31-3

God’s Name – Mighty Name

I opened the webpage tonight, and settled in to praying. This webpage, dailyoffice.org, is familiar to me. Comforting, even. I’ve been following, and praying along with it, for years.

As I started to pray, I felt myself fall into the rhythm of prayer. (I have been following the dailyoffice.org Morning Prayer webcast about once or twice a week now, for the past few months. What a great way to start the day!) Yes, Evening Prayer is considerably shorter, with fewer and shorter passages of Scripture. Yet, God pulled me up short with a line from Psalm 31.

Psalm 31:1-5 was the psalm passage for this evening. In verse 3, I read this: “for the sake of Your Name, lead me and guide me.”

As this Psalm tells me, God is indeed my Rock, my Crag and Stronghold. Yet, God is all of these things to me and for me for the sake of God’s Name. Not because I am particularly holy, or extra-good, or a lovely person. No. God is these things, and does these things for me for the sake of God’s Name. For the glorious goodness and graciousness that is God.

What a mind-blowing thing for me to consider. What a mighty and powerful God, not to mention good, gracious, loving and caring. The best part? I am the grateful recipient of all of this fantastic goodness and grace. The second half of that best part? All of that was packed into this short sentence from Psalm 31.

Dear Lord, I cannot even begin to thank You for Your goodness and grace to me. Thank You for your love expressed to me. Thank You for proclaiming Yourself a Rock, a Crag, a Stronghold for all those who run to You. Help me know when I ought to find refuge and safety. I know I can count on You even when other people run away or don’t follow through on their promises. I know You will. For sure. And, that’s a promise.


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How Majestic is God’s Name—in Prayer

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – February 4, 2015

girl praying

How Majestic is God’s Name—in Prayer

For those who are wondering, Bella has come through a lengthy surgery with success. The doctors were able to remove all of the brain tumor. Praise God!

I can pray for Bella, as well as for her parents and all those who love her and care for her. Please, continue to pray. I know they would appreciate any earnest prayers, good thoughts, and heartfelt wishes of encouragement.

How all of our lives can be interrupted! They might be interrupted, like Bella’s, with a surgery. Or hospital stay. A continuing illness, or perhaps something internal. Like an emotional, behavioral or psychological diagnosis.

I checked out the second prayer reading this evening and I found it was Psalm 8. Several verses struck me as I read them. Especially in light of Bella and the brain tumor that has been removed today. “O Lord, our Lord. How majestic is Your name in all the earth.”

Yet, I know that some people did NOT call upon God as Holy. Or majestic. Or powerful, mighty, or anything of the sort. I know I could be asking God WHY. Why Bella, and not another child? What does God think to have King David write all about the wonders of the heavens, and still the have children and babies contract horrible diseases? Like Bella?

But—not now. I want to rest in the fact that God is sovereign. Glad that the Lord is not only mighty and powerful, but a great Creator as well. Very glad that David declared that the praise of infants and children are to be encouraged, so that God’s name might be praised throughout all of God’s creation.

And—I also won’t ask WHY, God? I won’t ask those questions of theodicy that come to my mind, periodically. Like, now. (Why? Oh, why, God?)

I can praise God’s name, in the meanwhile, using the glorious words of Psalm 8—and thank You, God, for Bella’s successful surgery. Thank You.

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