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A Time for Everything? Including Prayer.

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – January 6, 2015

all things made beautiful Eccl 3-11

A Time for Everything? Including Prayer.


Out of time, wasting time, on a time schedule. We can talk about taking or making more time with a time machine, a time turner, even traveling in a Delorean or a TARDIS.

Ecclesiasties 3 calls all these kinds of times beautiful—“in Your time.”

People make time and schedule time for other, important things: like a class at school, or a doctor’s appointment, work meeting, or exercise group. Movie date, social club, or dinner engagement. Things that are important to them.

I make time for friendships, for my family, for my marriage. If my relationship with God is as important as I say/think/tell myself it is, why not make time for God?

I need to commit time to God. Make time for prayer.

If I am truthful to myself, all the time I have is really God’s time. I am living on—not borrowed, but—freely given time. Time is a gift given to me. What I do with it, how I spend it, even how I waste it is all my doing. Oh, and the people I am responsible to.

One more thing: concerning those with whom I am in relationship? I not only can have meaningful times with my family and friends, but also with God.

God, I know I’m sometimes far from You. I often miss our times together. Sometimes I don’t think I have any time to pray. But You’re always there for me, even when my time is taken up with other things. You don’t leave me by myself. Thank you, God.


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My time? Or God’s time?

matterofprayer blog post for Saturday, November 16, 2013

I am sometimes late. Not too late, just rushing out the door. Or running in a minute or two before things get started. Truthfully, I am better than I was in the past. However, I still cut things close, sometimes.

The concept of time is an interesting one. Am I saving time? Wasting time? Is time a valuable commodity, or does time lie heavy on my hands? Is time my time, or my employer’s time? Time for work, for study, for play. Time to do nothing. Time to care for others. Time to care for myself. Time to worship, time to pray.

I must make a confession. I almost always think of the abstract concept of time as my time. True, I work hard. I try my best, to the best of my ability. But is it really my time I’m playing with? And right now, God, the most important question for me is: do I begrudge the time I spend with You?

God, I read some verses from Ecclesiastes 3 recently. I saw the poetic way the writer deals with the concept of time. In verse 11, the verse states that You placed the concept, or the sense, of past and future within each member of the human race.

God, I think that my puny idea of time as being my time is fundamentally flawed. I need to realize that ALL time is Your time. You give each of us blessings. Each day is a gift, and I can joyfully receive it from You. You graciously give me Your time to use, one day at a time. Thanks. For everything.

Let’s pray. Dear God, I know I often don’t take the time to be with You, to pray with You. Forgive me, God. Help me to do better. Help me to be the person You want me to be. Give me Your eyes, Your ears and Your heart, so I will always be willing to take the time for others as well as for myself. Thank You for each day You give me, and help me to use the time wisely and well. Thanks, God!