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Day #11 – Post-It? Praying, Too!

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Monday, March 2, 2015

Placed a Post-It thank you note on my neighbor's door.

Placed a Post-It thank you note on my neighbor’s door.

Day #11 – Post-It? Praying, Too!

The suggestion from 40acts came this morning, and I read it with some interest. Even some excitement. The premise was intriguing. The email today mentioned that we all appreciate encouragement. That is all of us.

I have been told that a friendly countenance, a happy smile, or a word of encouragement is so helpful. I have a friendly, cheerful expression, so this is a natural for me. (These compliments were primarily when I was working as a chaplain at a nearby hospital.) However, this observation about encouragement is widespread, from what I can see.

Today’s suggestion is as simple as writing a brief note that says “thank you.” Or, putting a sweet message in your child’s lunch box or spouse’s briefcase. Just think what a pick-me-up that could be. I know—from experience—that some kind, generous gesture like that can make a big difference to someone.

I did this myself, today. I wrote a note on a Post-It. (Another suggestion made by our friends at #40acts today.) I immediately thought of a friendly man I could write to, on the other side of our apartment building. We live in a suburb of Chicago. The friendly man handles the snow removal for our building, and I really appreciated what he does for the whole group of our neighbors. Plus, and this is like icing on the cake, he is a super nice, helpful guy!

So—I thanked him for clearing the snow from our walkways around the building. Wrote it on a Post-It and attached it to his front door. And then, I snuck away. I know I signed the note, but I didn’t want to make things awkward for my friend and neighbor.

God bless him! And his family. Whenever they are, near or far. God is good. All the time

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