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PEACE: Feeling Safe, Being Safe

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, April10, 2016

PEACE: Feeling Safe, Being Safe


Today I will share some special personal definitions of PEACE. These definitions came from an opportunity to visit the Muslim Community Center last Sunday afternoon.

The president of the Sunday school reminded the gathered crowd that I was there to ask the simple question “What is PEACE, to you?”

First, Taqeer’s personal definition: “PEACE is inside, at first, in your heart.”

When I asked if I could know more about that definition, Taqeer said, peace gets planted inside you. After that, then you give peace to others.

Then, Zaineb. Her personal definition: “PEACE is being/feeling safe, and equality.”

I was very much moved by what she told me. First, she mentioned her definition. I asked for further words to describe It was then that I felt such compassion. She had such challenges! Being born into a refugee camp, she had such memories. Frightened, feeling helpless and powerless, anger, despair. Zaineb and I embraced. I felt my heart overflow with such compassion for her.


Thanks to God that Zaineb is here in this country, now. Be truly present to her and her loved ones as she journeys along her path. Thanks for Taqeer and his family, too. We praise You for openness and for welcoming such a spectrum of difference, diversity and ability.


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(Thanks to everyone at the Muslim Community Center in Morton Grove, for making this week f personal definitions of PEACE possible.)