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What If Prayer Doesn’t Happen?

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Wednesday, May 13, 2015

HEAL I have heard your prayer and I will heal

What If Prayer Doesn’t Happen?

I opened the book Inner Compass a little while ago, and I read a little bit. But—I am not feeling the best. What do I do when that happens?

It’s true, I sometimes feel under the weather. Or, not one hundred percent. But I almost always am able to pray, and write, and think about the topic of the day or the chapter of the book I am currently reading. Except, today. (I suspect I have a sinus headache, which is terribly distracting to me.)

I read in the book today that I need to express my feelings to God in prayer, and not to hold back. As if I could possibly hide anything from God, anyhow. That’s what Ignatian spirituality and prayer is advising me to do today, apparently.

So, here goes. God, I am feeling sick, and weak, and a little lightheaded. My head is hurting—and it feels like elephants are tromping on my eyes. I haven’t had a sinus headache for some time, but it’s here right now. Oh, joy.

Lord, I can’t even begin to consider reading a Scriptural passage today. I know You are supposed to open my heart to Scripture. I do thank You for doing that. Except—not today. I feel badly. Here, I am supposed to pray, and I don’t. I can’t. I mean, I am not really able to.

Please, Lord, help my headache go away. Please.


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