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In the Middle of Things—in Prayer

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, November 22, 2016


In the Middle of Things—in Prayer

Ever had what seems to be a hundred things going on at once? Yeah—me, too.

Don’t come to me for advice. (Please.) But, I do listen to some wise people. Sometimes.

Yes, I have work stuff happening, and continuing to happen. Yes, there is quite a bit of family stuff happening, both in my extended family as well as my husband’s family. On top of everything else, a major holiday is coming up, soon. Even more stuff is happening because of that.

All of which is totally overwhelming, if I let myself think about it too much.

This season in my life reminds me of some years ago, when I was in graduate school, full-time. I had a family. I worked two internships, half-time, my second and third years of graduate school. You better believe I was busy!. I could not even think of a full semester of my class work at a time. My brain would short circuit.

I got used to thinking of only a day or two, or at most, three. That was all. Just a couple of days at a time. The only exceptions were when I had a big project or a major paper. Those I would think about a week or two ahead of time. Unwillingly. Believe me, the people who stick to the idea of “One Day at a Time” really have hit on something.

So, that is what I am doing now. Concentrating on just a day, or maybe, two, at a time. I hope and pray I can be faithful and courageous.

Dear God, help me as I try to get things done, just a little at a time. Be attentive to my loved ones, and especially the situation with a dear one in hospice, Lord. Help me to decide and discern what to do first, second and third, each day, and what can be left for another day. Thank You for Your blessings poured out upon us each day and every day. Lord, in Your mercy, hear all of our prayers.


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Soul and Experience(s)

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Wednesday, June 10, 2015

God making a way

Soul and Experience(s)

I’ve worked as a chaplain here in Chicago for a number of years. Yes, I have striven to walk alongside many people in my time being a chaplain, sometimes more successful, sometimes less. These patients, their loved ones, and others have come from many faith traditions and various backgrounds.

I suppose that’s one large reason I have interest in a number of different ways of approaching God, the Higher Power, or the Source. Or, Great Spirit, or the Holy. Different ways of naming the ineffable, that transcendent experience.

It is a similar interest I bring to the chapter from Handbook for the Soul today. Brian Weiss brought up a number of interesting ideas, things that I am not particularly familiar with. Like regression back to previous lives. This is something unfamiliar. However, the feelings and emotions Dr. Weiss brought out were very much familiar. And, right in my area of expertise.

One statement Dr. Weiss says is one I can totally agree with: “We are souls having a human experience.” It doesn’t matter whether the experiences are good or bad, positive or negative. Each of us is a flesh and blood human with a soul. Each of us goes through all kinds of stuff, regardless of our faith traditions or belief structure.

Yes, Dr. Weiss brings up an interesting idea. I have my reservations, true. Yet, I believe some people are helped by what the doctor says and the actions he takes.

I hope and pray some people are similarly helped by what I say, and by the actions I take, too. Please, God, may it be so.


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