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Pay Attention to God’s Ways!

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, January 5, 2018

Psa 119-15 precepts, Bible

Pay Attention to God’s Ways!

These admonitions really hit home, God. The words this psalmist writes are strong and emphatic. No nonsense, here. God  is the only one we ought to pay any attention to.

Consider the verse of Psalm 119 we are to consider this time. Verse 15 says to listen up!

I will meditate on Your commandments

And give attention to Your ways.

Some powerful words indeed, written by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Give an ear to this: ”Every gift we receive, every new understanding, drives us still deeper into the Word of God. We need time for God’s word.” [1]  Wow! That verse almost makes me really want to study God’s Word in depth. (I mean, morethan I am studying the Bible right now.)

Bonhoeffer does not pull many punches. He is quite direct in his admonitions, as well, and lets his readers know that with his direct speaking: “Certainly, God will often require quick action; but He also requires stillness and reflection.” [2]

Just to make sure that his readers did not miss one of the main points of this verse, Bonhoeffer demands that we consider this. “The Word of God demands our time. God Himself entered into time and wants us now to give Him our time.” [3]

How wonderful the riches to be found in the Bible. Old Testament, New Testament, both are important and both contain wisdom and knowledge for us, in abundance. (Bonhoeffer would definitely agree.) In fact, he scoffs at the theologian who merely makes his or her own interpretation and solely speaks their own thoughts—to the exclusion of mentioning the Word of God at all. That is not a fruitful manner in which to consider God’s Word.

Dear God, thanks for such a serious attitude and approach to Your Word. Help me—help us to value it and to treasure it as much as Bonhoeffer did. In Your Son’s name we pray.

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