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Naming God Great High Priest

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Saturday, September 12, 2015

GREAT HIGH PRIEST Jesus is better crown Heb 4

Naming God Great High Priest

I took another little leap today. I used a different kind of Name of God for my word(s) for Centering Prayer today. My Name of God for today is Great High Priest.

Why a leap, you wonder? Because the Name did not quite feel to me like a Name of God. Sure, a High Priest is special. One of a kind. But Aaron and his descendants are people. Human beings. Not God Almighty. That’s why I initially didn’t feel like the Great High Priest was God.

My mind was flitting about, in between times I actually prayed and concentrated on the Name “Great High Priest.” It was a good time of prayer, but a somewhat interrupted time of prayer.

Then, as I prayed, I started to reflect where this Name came from. The letter to the scattered Hebrews uses several rhetorical devices to get its points across, including the repetition of the term “better.” Jesus is “better” than prophets, angels, Moses, Aaron, and the priestly succession. Thus, He’s superior. I guess that makes Him better than the best.

Dear God, thanks for this focused time to concentrate on an idea and a Name of Yours that I usually don’t think of. The image of Jesus as High Priest usually doesn’t even cross my consciousness. And I mean, ever. I appreciate calling You by different Names, and even by Names I don’t often think of. It’s a great experience. Truly.


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How Majestic is God’s Name—in Prayer

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – February 4, 2015

girl praying

How Majestic is God’s Name—in Prayer

For those who are wondering, Bella has come through a lengthy surgery with success. The doctors were able to remove all of the brain tumor. Praise God!

I can pray for Bella, as well as for her parents and all those who love her and care for her. Please, continue to pray. I know they would appreciate any earnest prayers, good thoughts, and heartfelt wishes of encouragement.

How all of our lives can be interrupted! They might be interrupted, like Bella’s, with a surgery. Or hospital stay. A continuing illness, or perhaps something internal. Like an emotional, behavioral or psychological diagnosis.

I checked out the second prayer reading this evening and I found it was Psalm 8. Several verses struck me as I read them. Especially in light of Bella and the brain tumor that has been removed today. “O Lord, our Lord. How majestic is Your name in all the earth.”

Yet, I know that some people did NOT call upon God as Holy. Or majestic. Or powerful, mighty, or anything of the sort. I know I could be asking God WHY. Why Bella, and not another child? What does God think to have King David write all about the wonders of the heavens, and still the have children and babies contract horrible diseases? Like Bella?

But—not now. I want to rest in the fact that God is sovereign. Glad that the Lord is not only mighty and powerful, but a great Creator as well. Very glad that David declared that the praise of infants and children are to be encouraged, so that God’s name might be praised throughout all of God’s creation.

And—I also won’t ask WHY, God? I won’t ask those questions of theodicy that come to my mind, periodically. Like, now. (Why? Oh, why, God?)

I can praise God’s name, in the meanwhile, using the glorious words of Psalm 8—and thank You, God, for Bella’s successful surgery. Thank You.

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