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Praying a Lament to God

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Friday, August 14, 2015

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Praying a Lament to God

The rhythm of the nights fall into place. It has been two weeks now that I’ve read the Evening Prayer (or Compline) from the website www.dailyoffice.org – and much of the nightly readings are the same. Yet, some of each reading is different, too.

Although much of the daily prayers are the same, each night has a different psalm portion. And, each night has a different scripture passage, too. Short, almost pithy, in comparison to the lengthier scripture readings from the Morning Prayers.

I was intrigued by the short, two-verse snippet from Jeremiah tonight. So intrigued, that I went to an online commentary to find out more about it. Turns out that instead of a prophetic word from the Lord, Jeremiah chapter 14 was more of a lament.

Rev. Bryan Findlayson writes in the Lectionary Bible Studies, “The people of Israel are His; they belong to Him. Yet, the Lord is aloof, distant from his people. So Jeremiah asks, why is the all-forgiving-one estranged from His people? Jeremiah cries out on behalf of the people, “do not forsake us!””

Dear God, so often, Your ways are clouded in mystery. At least, I have often found them so. I have cried, along with Jeremiah, “Do not forsake me!” I’m sorry. I know I ought to put my trust and faith in You. But, I just can’t, sometimes. Dear God, please give me faith and trust enough. Thanks for listening! And, thanks for answering.


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