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Day #1 – Journaling? Prayerfully!

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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Day #1 – Journaling? Prayerfully!

I decided to do Lent generously! Yes, I signed up with #40acts (www.40acts.org.uk), and today being Ash Wednesday, it was also the first day of the 40acts.

No heavy lifting today! However, I did exercise my brain. My assignment—which I imbued with prayer—was to start journaling. That was easy, for me! Next step, I am to keep a list of all the people I would like to bless this Lent. I am to use it to document all the things I learn over the next 40 days. From doing the 40 acts.

So, a list, they say? First off, the ones who come to mind are those in my family. My husband, children, siblings, cousins. Second, the people at my work. Not only those in the congregation at my church, but also the others who work there—the preschool teachers and the children. Third, my friends and acquaintances: I have a fair number of those. And fourth, people I hardly know at all—like fellow members at the YMCA who I may have seen three or four times before. And outright stranger-strangers, who I have never, ever met before.

Next—I am to write about the generous acts I do, every day. That sounds straight-forward. Planning out the people I am open to doing generous acts for.

God, I almost forgot about You!! Help me as I do this kind and generous thing, each day. Lead me to the people You would have me help, in earnest. I earnestly pray in Jesus’ generous,  loving name, Amen.

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