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Salvation—How Much More Profound Can It Get?

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Thursday, July 23, 2015

Salvation—How Much More Profound Can It Get?

God - who, not having seen, you love

Got salvation? (cue the photo of young adult, smiling from ear to ear)

Salvation—don’t leave home without it.

God’s grace, God’s mercy, God’s love. All different aspects of God, and all incredibly powerful. But, salvation brings them all together, and ties it up with a big bow.

The book Praying the New Testament as Psalms has some moving, thought-provoking verses on its pages, under Salvation. However, I was so struck by the adaptation of this verse from 1 Peter 1: “I rejoice with a joy indescribable and glorious/at the outcome of my faith/—the salvation of my soul.” [1]

Peter’s words are “joy indescribable.” Unspeakable. You can’t even express it in words. This joy is so deep, it has to be experienced. Such joy goes beyond anything that humans in this world can describe. I suspect we would need to be in heaven to be able to sufficiently describe the joy we feel.

Thank You, God, for this poor and limited word-picture of salvation. Peter’s striving attempt to describe the joy that only heaven can properly name makes me bow down in worship and praise. Thank You. Praise You. Your grace and mercy are indescribable, too. Thank You. Amen.


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[1] Praying the New Testament as Psalms, Desmond O’Donnell, OMI, and Maureen Mohen, RSM, (United States of America: ACTA Publications, 2002.), 173.