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Day #8 – A Question of Time. Help Me, I Pray!

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Day #8 – A Question of Time. On Time. Help Me, I Pray!

I try to be on time. I really do. Sometimes, I even succeed.

Especially in my current position, as pastor of a church, I have been consistently striving to be early for events. Meetings. Services. And, for the most part, I have succeeded.

Now, if I could just be as successful in the rest of my life . . .

I am serious. Today’s suggestion from #40acts was like a punch in the gut. A serious punch, because I knew that God was talking to me. God forgive me, but I am sometimes late. (I have improved, though! Several gold stars for me, on my forehead!)

I used to work with a person who was chronically, unbelievably late. I was impeccably on time, compared to my co-worker. I am not sure, but I suspect my increasing, improving tendency to get places on time may very well have been affected by the co-worker’s chronic tardiness. What the heck, LATE. VERY LATE.

Goodness knows, I was regularly kept waiting for fifteen, twenty minutes, half an hour. And sometimes, I would receive a call. But, sometimes not. Talk about incredibly frustrating! (And, talk about a pervasive attitude that told me my co-worker thought themselves so much more important than I was. Or anyone else, for that matter. But—we won’t go there.)

In order to show respect for others, I do want to make a special effort—on a regular basis—to strive to be on time. Yes, and I have been on the receiving end of this poor effort/even non-effort to be on time. As the #40acts post told me, by extending myself to be on time, or even, early (!!), I am letting people know that they matter. They are important, to me, to others and to God.

Excuses don’t cut it. (Except in extraordinary circumstances, like when I was talking on the phone to a senior about their seriously ill relative in the hospital. As a result, I was late for a meeting at church.) A bonus? Being on time can reveal my integrity. Doing what I say I am going to do.

As for today’s suggestion from #40acts? I needed to be at two appointments today. Even though the temperature was below freezing and the weather snowy and windy, I left in time to be a few minutes early, to both meetings. Thank You, God!

I can be true to my word, and rigorously honest, to boot. God, help me, on a continuing basis. Please.

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