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A Prayerful Look at Trees

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – February 7, 2015

green trees

A Prayerful Look at Trees

What an unusual suggestion! The prayer guide today had quite the recommendation for me. I still am not sure I can manage it. I’ve been praying about it! Not quite following it, but I will attempt to do so.

I am supposed to look for (or think of) two trees. One which resembles the kind of person I would like to be, and the other which expresses in some way the kind of person I see myself to be now. And—I need to decide what I need to do in order to change from the way I am now to the way I would like to be. Or—the way that God wants me to be.

This is complicated. First, the idea of a tree that is somehow stunted or not completely hale and healthy comes to mind.

I know I am not completely healthy. I have very poor eyesight. If I were not born in a first world country with access to glasses or contact lenses, I would be out of luck, as far as seeing anything more than nine inches or at most a foot away from my eyes. Second, I had a stroke when I was a teenager. My language center was affected. I may not seem—outwardly—like I am markedly different from most other people. And, perhaps I’m not. But, I seem like I am. I notice little things, like my hesitation at finishing sentences, and how I sometimes stumble over words. Those are two big areas for me. At least, they seem big.

Second, I think of a tree that is healthy, green and growing. I think of the tree represented in Psalm 1. I am not only in good physical health, but also in good mental, spiritual and psychological health, too. I can see myself stretch out my arms/branches to the sky, and my feet/roots grow deeply, connecting with the source of food and drink, health and all good things.

But how to get from where I am now to where I want to be? Other than asking God for help and working—one day at a time—to do my best for God, wherever I am placed,

Did You hear, God? Please, help me to do my best. For You.

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