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Study, by Lilias Trotter

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Wednesday, March 15, 2017

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Study, by Lilias Trotter

I was introduced to a writer I had never heard of before: Lilias Trotter. Her life and adventures sound fascinating. Traveling from a privileged life in upper class London to a mission in North Africa, ministering to the poor of Algeria—quite a story. Quite a life.

Yes, she was a compassionate leader in the region who cared deeply for children. What is more, Ms. Trotter was “welcomed as a spiritual authority figure by Arab leaders.” [1] Impressive, indeed.

As the commentator goes in depth to the themes she discusses, I see some familiar themes. The sheep and the sheepfold of John 10, as well as the hireling and the wolf. Good stuff, here!

However, what touched me the most deeply was something at the beginning of this reading. God has been preparing her readers over the years for leadership that comes from God. “You yield this obedience, first to the founder (waly) of your order, and under him to the sheikh representing him, who can interpret his teaching into your daily life.” [2]

The idea of God being the sheikh fueled my imagination! Believe me when I say that I got all excited. I read Ms. Trotter’s description of the sheikh in this paragraph: “You feel that your sheikh knows you through and through, and into his hands you deliver yourself.” [3]

Quite different view from what I am used to! It is good for me to be shaken up. (Lord, isn‘t it?)

Dear Lord, help me to be regularly shaken up. In Your mercy, hear all of our prayers.



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